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We have made it easy for you to find a certified online or private home tutor in Sur and other parts of Oman. Study with our tutors through daily or weekly tutoring sessions for any grade, subject, and curriculum. We aim to provide you with the best tutors in Sur to help you accomplish your goals with success. You can find below the profiles of our proficient tutors in Sur and hire the one you find the ideal for your academic needs.

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Saima Ahmed
Saima Ahmed
Female 44 Years
19 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Math.
Qualification : MSc Development Economics

MSc Development Economics


I am a self-driven, motivated, and enthusiastic educator with a commitment to student development. I have experience preparing and delivering mathematical lectures using various teaching methods like direct methods, audio-lingual, structural approach, and role play. Currently, I am working as a Math instructor in a college.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is developing the independent thinking process of students through engaging and collaborative learning. I bring innovative ideas and activities that challenge and enrich the learning experience of students. I improve the communication skills of my students and help them obtain the highest score.


I learned a lot from you. Thank you!

Kaiden Makin

Saima provided me with resources outside the lessons and made sure I understood everything before finishing the lesson. She often worked overtime with me. Her teaching methods were easy and refreshing. Honestly, I could not recommend a better tutor than her. Thank you Saima for helping me improve my concepts and grades.


Saima was very flexible with the time and days. I used to ask tons of questions, but she never minded. Such a generous, helpful and talented teacher I ever had. Definitely recommend her.

Fahad Bin Awad Quraishi
Fahad Bin Awad Quraishi
Male 36 Years
8 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Biology.
Qualification : PhD Microbiology

PhD Microbiology


I have 8 years of academic experience in teaching as a Biology Tutor. I published my research papers in 2014. I maintain a broad knowledge of up-to-date research in relevant fields to ensure that teaching meets the standards expected from the tutees.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is planning and implementing Biology lectures following the syllabus. I maintain high standards of achievement, behavior, discipline, and punctuality amongst students. I take short quizzes to measure the knowledge of students or if they have learned from me or not.  Moreover, I guarantee the improvement of the knowledge, skills, and grades of my students.


Fahad is an excellent tutor. He knows how to deliver the lecture in a detailed yet simple way. I am delighted to find him before my school session. He ensures that I am well prepared before my quizzes.


He gives informative lessons, and I’d highly recommend him.

Dr. Sameer

My son achieved an A after studying from Fahad. I’d surely book him for my son’s next class. He is very polite to talk to. And I recommend him to all the biology students.

Marina Buzina
Marina Buzina
Female 30 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in English, Dept : Dept of English.
Qualification : Masters in English

Masters in English


I am a highly experienced and certified English teacher and have taught students of all ages, including skills. As an ambitious educator, I strive to update and develop my skills to facilitate structured and student-centered learning while ensuring their academic needs. I also have experience within the educational sector in management and marketing and am fluent in several languages: English, Chinese, French and Russian.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring style is designing and delivering English language lectures, ensuring engaging lessons and assessments are structured and matched to key performance criteria and learning outcomes. For effective learning, I divide topics into chunks and offer great support and advice to students. I am very familiar with all learning styles and respond to queries in an hour or two. Moreover, I analyze, record and report progress to parents and students.


Marina is very supportive, and her style of teaching is great. Recommended.

Zimal Irtiza

She helped me understand a list of topics and basic concepts in a few days, and she is one of the best tutors I have ever had. Would highly recommend her.


She is a calm, experienced, and brilliant teacher who cares about my grades and ambiguous concepts. We worked extra hours on weekends. I would highly recommend her.

Modesto Valdez
Modesto Valdez
Male 28 Years
4 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of Chemistry.
Qualification : Master in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences

Master in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences


I am an inspiring and professional Chemistry tutor with proven teaching guidance and skills. I have experience teaching Chemistry to non-natives and native speakers according to their advanced curriculum and new educational strategies.

Tutoring Approach

I start tutoring with an assessment to test the student’s knowledge and ability in the subject. Usually, it’s from the syllabus students have already covered. I conduct practicals for my students and take quizzes in their exam patterns, and this tutoring approach has always brought fruitful results. As a chemistry student myself, I know how to adopt a perfect tutoring style and solidify students’ knowledge and solve their queries because I understand where a chemistry student can struggle. Feel free to ask me anytime, I am just a click away!


His appreciation on my small achievements and confidence in me has encouraged me greatly, and I did my best. My exams are done, and I am eagerly waiting to see my results and share them with him. Thank you for giving me a joyful learning experience.

Ghada Fiaz

I had the worst online learning experiences, and honestly, I book these sessions with a heavy heart. But glad that I met Modesto, and this time my experience was different and worth the time or money. I would highly recommend him for all the right reasons.


His manners, teaching style and lesson plans are worth the appreciation. GREAT TUTOR

Kefser Reci
Kefser Reci
Female 25 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept of Economics.
Qualification : BSc – Economics

BSc – Economics


I have recently graduated, and my academic record speaks of my excellence in economics and other subjects. I have been delivering private tutoring sessions for the past three years because Economics is my favourite subject. I believe knowledge of economics can change your perception of everyday life and teaches you how to deal with everything in an organized manner.

Tutoring Approach

Teachers at school or colleges do their best to teach and deliver their knowledge to us, but sometimes, many don’t understand or learn it off like the whole class. And that’s completely normal, I have been through this all, and here I am to help you out with every confusion you have. I work hard to tailor myself just how my students demand and meet their academic goals. Instead of going with the flow, I design lessons to cover the weak areas first. The time of my sessions is not constant for all, and you can hit me up with your schedule and then we can run through economics theories.


In pandemic days, Kefser is the only best thing that happened to my academics. I would have failed economics without her help. 100% recommended.


I moved to Oman a few months ago, and I was looking for online help for my loads of pending economic assignments. Kefser taught and helped me understand questions, and I would definitely recommend him to students facing problems in learning complicated word problems of economics.


I want to explore the field of economics and work as an economist at a dream place. But at some point, I started falling behind in economics but thank God, and I got a chance to learn from Kefser. She delivers her knowledge concisely and organizes fun activities during sessions. I am so overwhelmed while writing this, and you are a true inspiration. Thank you!

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