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Are you looking for a flexible and private tutoring session where you can learn according to your educational goals? MTS has made it easy for you to find certified tutors in Bahla and all other parts of Oman. Start your learning journey through online or private home tutoring sessions with our well-trained tutors. Check below the profiles of our expert tutors in Bahla and hire the one that you find perfect for good learning outcomes.

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Amal Atallah
Amal Atallah
Female 41 Years
17 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept of Economics.
Qualification : Masters in Economics and Finance

Masters in Economics and Finance


An inspiring and professional tutor with proven teaching guidance and counselling skills, I enjoy teaching economics to students of all levels. Possess exemplary planning skills and accustomed to operating under considerable pressure, remaining calm, effective, and prioritizing wisely.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach provides sessions where students could work on their weak areas and maintain excellent lines of communication with me. I am dedicated to the education of students and remain available to students at all times. I ensure that my lectures are easy and enjoyable to learn, and students understand the concepts instead of simply memorizing everything. Throughout the session, I love to answer questions and encourage students to be confident and discuss their queries. My former students have always produced outstanding results, and I look forward to seeing your progress too!


Amal's teaching style is clear and encouraging. I found her exceptionally talented. Highly recommended.


She remains available to me almost all the time. She was always calm, affectionate and taught me Algebra for the exam. I would have failed my exam if she didn’t guide me. I am very thankful to Amal for her time and amazing teaching skills. Her customized lesson plans and short quizzes helped me a lot. A fantastic tutor so far!


Amal has an impressive personality, and she is super talented in planning lessons. Her methods made me want to learn more—very motivating and decent tutor. I will recommend her to every Economics learner.

Rana Muktar Hossain
Rana Muktar Hossain
Male 34 Years
10 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of Chemistry.
Qualification : M.Phil in Chemistry

M.Phil in Chemistry


I have solid teaching experience both within institutions and private tutoring. I have expertise in various international and local syllabuses such as HKDSE, IB, GCSE and AP curriculums. My career vision is to become one of the best educators and help thousands of students achieve grades and enhance knowledge in Chemistry, Physics and ICT.

Tutoring Approach

I have strong verbal and personal communication skills and believe in building friendly relations with students to learn without stress. My tutoring approach monitors my students’ performance throughout the sessions and makes changes in learning patterns if required. I know different teaching techniques which I use to discover and polish my students’ skills.

Nair B.

Rana Muktar gave me assignments, past papers and prepared me for my final exam quite well. He knows how to teach Chemistry topics in-depth, and he is always open to questions. Being an IB student, I highly recommend this tutor to all students out there.


Very kind, understanding, and helpful tutor.


Muktar understood my struggle with the GCSE exam and improved my overall performance with his sessions. I’d recommend him to all the students looking for a competent tutor.

Fathima Hena
Fathima Hena
Female 33 Years
9 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept of Biology.
Qualification : M. Phil Medical Laboratory Sciences

M. Phil Medical Laboratory Sciences


I provided private tutoring sessions to my juniors and other students during my bachelor days. Professionally, I am teaching Biology to A-Levels and GCSE students. I have been tutoring on My Tutor Source for over 2 years and looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you all.

Tutoring Approach

Before moving to regular sessions or classes, I make notes on what students would like to cover first. I use various teaching methodologies to help the student understand and tailor my teaching style to prepare students for the better. My aim is not only to teach the textbook material but to make students confident enough to use their knowledge further. I also provide other resources to students for a deep understanding of concepts. I think it's highly important to learn with fun which is why you’ll find my sessions filled with interesting activities.

Aleea Shunnar

Biology sessions with Fathima have been very worthwhile! My preparation for final exams is almost done, and I would recommend her as a talented and friendly private tutor.


My son has been learning Biology with Fathima for a few months, and I am so pleased with his performance. Fathima breaks down complex concepts into chunks and describes everything with details and examples. Highly recommended.


I would highly recommend Fathima! She is confident and fun.

Abba Fatimatzzahra
Abba Fatimatzzahra
Female 29 Years
6 years of teaching
Expert in English, Dept : Dept of English.
Qualification : MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching

MA Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching


Passionate, qualified and certified English tutor! I started tutoring to provide sessions based on particular learning needs, and I love to tailor myself according to students’ requirements and preferences. I write journals in English, read books, am confident and efficient in everything I teach, and love to interact with students with different mindsets, goals and skills.

Tutoring Approach

I like to talk with students before starting full sessions or sharing my lesson plans. I believe every student is different, so their learning style is; that’s why I discover their learning style before understanding their curriculum and academic needs. Therefore, I tailor myself, create lesson plans, design a list of targeted goals and divide everything into chunks and days. I also like to improve my students' communication and presentation skills because that matters the most. I also appreciate feedback, suggestions, and questions, so feel free to connect with me anytime!


I loved her sessions because after explaining, she used to give me time to revise and ask questions till I learned that by heart. She treats me like her younger sister, glad that I get to know her. I would love to recommend her to every student around the globe. She is amazing.


She is so polite, and my mother has become very satisfied ever since I started taking her sessions. My writing style and reading skills improved, she suggested many English books to read, and I am surely going to give them all a read. I wish I had her in my school. Highly recommended.

Rasha H.

She knows my school structure which helped me a lot. I learned many exam tips from her, and I passed the subject with flying colours. She made everything super essay!

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