Did you know that Sharjah means ‘rising sun’? The ‘rising sun’ has been primarily the initiator in the advancements that were made in child-517839_1280education in the United Arab Emirates a long time back. The United Arab Emirates first school, library and municipality were established in Sharjah. Want another mind blowing fact? Sharjah was the first one out of the seven Emirates to provide education for women in the year 1942.

With education being a primary concern for the state and the people who live there, choosing schools and getting hold of good instructors is a primary concern for many. Finding schools and tuition in Sharjah may be on the agenda of many parents for their kids and also one of students themselves. With mostly online tutoring sites now popping up at the mention of study-921885_1280tuition everywhere around the globe, as it does with tuition in Sharjah as well, tutoring is slowly replacing or in other words taking over the home tutoring set-ups by storm.

Why is that so?

By having a closer look at how the online tuition system works, a few advantages can be mentioned as to whether it’s about finding tuition in Sharjah or elsewhere.

  • There is student flexibility. The student may select the time slots according to his/her own ease. They may choose the schedule by blending it with their own activities during the day.
  • The learning environment is more comfortable than any traditional classroom could provide. In classrooms you cannot attend your lectures in night suits or in a comfortable sofa in your classroom.
  • The interaction is increased when the teacher solely focuses on one student alone instead of the undivided attention in a classroom full of students.
  • For one thing, tuition in Sharjah may be costly considering the United Arab Emirates is one of the pricey places. Online tuition unwinds that problem as it is known for its cost-effective benefits. Home tuition in Sharjah might cost around $30-$300 but online tuition costs below $30 at the most.
  • With technology surprising us at every step along the way, it is no surprise now that online tuition sites like My Tutor Source are now using special tools while a lecture is being delivered to the student. It feels like the teacher and student are sitting right next to each other. With a tool that acts as a white board for the student and notes written on it are saved so that the student can access it later at any time for reference purposes, teaching has become way easier. More like unproblematic and uncomplicated.

So how about the next time you start hunting tuition in Sharjah or anywhere else for that matter, do consider all your options. The traditional tutoring sessions might just be something belonging to the past now. As according to Lezli Kubo (2009) learning that is web-based (online) comprises of benefits like flexibility, accessibility and increased interaction between teachers and the students that traditional learning does not comprise of.